Rural Teachers Support


Teachers are the cornerstone of education. The difficulties of Chinese education lies in rural regions, while the basic issue of rural education is in the teachers. Good teachers make good educations -- G&S Rural Teacher Support focuses on the learning, growth, and life of rural teachers, so that they are able to have enough strength to become better.

Sub Projects

  • Nanhuaijin Rural Teachers Plan
    Nanhuaijin Rural Teachers Plan

    Funded by Mr. Huaijin Nan, master of Chinese studies, G&S Nan Huai Jin Rural Teachers Plan was created by G&S Foundation and Nan Huai Jin Culture Foundation in October, 2012. The project focuses on rural faculty with the goal of advocating teaching ethics and promoting valuable learning and innovations in education. This project hopes to join charity educational organization, education administration, rural schools, and social medias to find rural teachers who have good teaching ethics and to support them for better learning and growth.
  • Xin Huo Plan
    Xin Huo Plan

    Xin Huo Plan systematically combines funding, offline training, and online learning to support rural teachers to learn, grow, and practice continuously.
  • Happy Gardener Plan
    Happy Gardener Plan

    G&S Happy Gardener Plan aims to take care of mental health of rural teachers and promote their happiness, professional self-identity, and teaching ability in order to let them teach more actively, healthily, and happily, and thus provides rural kids wonderful learning experience in school and builds a bright future for rural education. Meanwhile, the project enables headmasters of rural schools to communicate and learn from each other in their regions, in which makes public welfare projects be better implemented.
  • Rural Teacher Caring Plan
    Rural Teacher Caring Plan

    G&S Rural Teacher Caring Plan is a charity project that supports rural teachers with medical assistance for major diseases and scholarships for their children.