Science Class


The cultivation of students’ science literacy is essential in elementary education. It is also a way to form children’s scientific spirit, independent personality, and innovative thinking. Since 2009, G&S Science Class aims at improving science education in rural primary schools. Based on the research and planning of professionals, G&S Foundation is devoted to promoting development in children’s science literacy and in education.

Through the exploration and practice in the past 11 years, G&S Science Class has formed three systems presenting core orientations:

1.Science Education Support in counties.

2.Future Rural Science Teacher Training & Support.

3.Science Education Research & Support.

Sub Projects

  • Science Teacher Training
    Science Teacher Training

    G&S Training Project opens teaching and learning exchange programs based on practices in classroom with a duration of three days for researchers and science teachers in counties where the project is implemented. The project includes the design of courses, teaching lectures, lesson with heterogeneous, and group discussions, etc, which helps build up groups of core teachers in rural areas.
  • Science Class Fund
    Science Class Fund

    By providing financial support to local science education studios and core teachers based on their situation and needs, the project carries out science teaching exchanges, teacher training, science projects on campus, and research in teaching.
  • Science Camp
    Science Camp

    Under the guidance of experts, faculty in local science studios and other science faculty design G&S Science Summer Camps for children in urban and rural areas of Central and Western regions. The summer camp hopes to let kids enjoy and grow up in scientific exploration, while also promoting regional science course teaching, learning, and communication.
  • Science Innovative Experimental School
    Science Innovative Experimental School

    In view of rural schools with core teachers, under the guidance of experts, the program supports planning and design of those schools and carries out planned, sustainable, and creative science teachings and activities on campus, and looks forward to playing a learning reference role in a certain range.
  • Toolbox

    G&S Toolbox provides science toolbox for rural schools that demonstrate their educational idea and have certain amount of education resources. The project encourages schools to use G&S toolbox to plan out science class and activities.
  • Showcases: “Science Class towards explore” series
    Showcases: “Science Class towards explore” series

    The program selects outstanding teachers throughout the entire country, who, under the guidance of professionals, will spend one to two years making cases of science courses that have significance of learning, demonstration, and research. On this basis, we hope to train a group of outstanding teachers who can lead the reform and development of science course education in the future, and at the same time advocate some excellent teaching cases in China.