Mini Library


In elementary education stage, it is important to inspire and develop children’s reading interest, habit, and ability. G&S Mini Library started in 2009, donating good quality books to rural schools in Central and Western regions of China where information is blocked and reading resources are scarce. G&S Mini Library also provides reading support, especially for training rural teachers to join reading generalization practice, and encourages rural teachers and students to learn, grow, and advocate “reading can change the world” and themselves.

Sub Projects

  • Rural Reading Space
    Rural Reading Space

    Putting children-friendly, environment-friendly and other concepts into design, G&S Reading Space program upgrades reading spaces in G&S Mini Library in rural schools. Combined with adequate book supplement and training lessons for teachers, the program also encourages students and faculty to join reading activities.
  • Readers Plan
    Readers Plan

    G&S Readers Plan invites teachers in rural schools to attend training lessons. The program intends to improve rural teachers’ ability to advocate and practice reading methods and theories, and to promote sustainable development of reading in rural schools.
  • Reading Camp
    Reading Camp

    Groups of undergraduate volunteers will organize reading summer camps for the children. They will provide help in the program so that the kids are able to have a pleasant and meaningful experience.
  • Mini Library Fund
    Mini Library Fund

    The fund provides up to 5,000 CNY for a rural school in one year and encourages the school to advocate reading activities or improve reading spaces on campus based on its needs.
  • Seedling Plan
    Seedling Plan

    G&S Seedling Plan donates 200 illustration books and 2 portable bookshelves for one rural primary school. The school will put the bookshelf in the hallway or other public spaces and make reading accessible for children.
  • Sunny Light
    Sunny Light

    The program subscribes to a one-year children's magazine(10 volumes/issue) for one rural school. The program enriches education resources, supports and encourages rural teachers and students to read and learn.
  • Library Renewal Plan
    Library Renewal Plan

    The program donates one rural primary school about 300 books, included illustration book, literature, science, art, which improves reading spaces and education resources for students in rural schools.