Art Class


G&S Arts Class Program started in 2017. The project is G&S Foundation’s attempt to explore aesthetic education for children in rural schools in Central and Western regions of China. G&S Fine Arts Program takes drawing and painting as starting point, and by inviting artists as volunteering faculty, creates a week-long fine arts courses based on the volunteers’ expertise and the schools’ needs. Initiating from the angle of enlightenment in aesthetic education, the Fine Arts Courses teach children related knowledge and skills, inspire them to love and appreciate beauties in art, and offer opportunities for rural kids to explore, create, and enjoy beauty.

Sub Projects

  • Drawing and Painting
    Drawing and Painting

    Courses and activities of drawing and painting organized by professional volunteers in order to develop children’s ability to perceive and express beauty in art, and thus promoting growth in all aspects of a child.
  • Drama

    Trough the training of drama teachers, rural faculty invites students to design, plan, and join drama class. Rural schools involved will participate in a theater show and an exchange in their local counties.
  • Music

    Volunteers will organize and carry out a week-long summer music camp, which includes learning in instrumental music and vocal or chorus singing. Students will eventually hold and take part in a concert with the support of the volunteers.